Created by multi-faceted journalist, producer, and traveler, Frances Ryan, whose passion for fragrances always evoked lovely memories of her native land as she traveled the world over. With every destination, her passport became more colorful, stacked with visa stamps and unexpected trails of discovery.  Every place, every moment had a fragrance hue that reminded her of the rich culture and vivacious nature of the people from the Island of Enchantment where she grew up. From rainforest waterfalls, potpourri of wild roses, elegant gardenia bouquets to crisp citrus scents and the sensual ocean breeze during night walks along the shore. With every homecoming her heartbeat hastened with anticipation, looking down the window to identify familiar neighborhoods, joining in on the spontaneous clap as the aircraft landed, to simple moments among friends and family surrounded by the timeless laughter that feels the air from coast to the countryside —not to mention the longest holiday season in the world! As a new day begins, the quiet cobblestoned streets of Old San Juan seem eager to reveal the stories of five centuries of tradition while slowly waking up to the soft and luring aroma of coffee and vanilla sweets. The majestic architecture of the old town stands in contrast to the sounds of a city that dances to the beat of its own drums. When she decided to commission a perfume that celebrated the essence of this magical place, it was important that it imbued the sense of joy and passion that stays with you long after you have discovered Puerto Rico. At first, she had trouble finding a perfumer who could take on the challenge of striking a perfect aromatic balance between the cultural nuances and the sensual and vivacious nature of its people. Her journalistic skills helped her reach renowned perfumer Daniel Josier, a sophisticated and educated character who has carved out an impeccable reputation within the perfume industry while working with some of Europe’s most important designers and fragrance companies. Josier, an inquisitive and bold artist, decided to take on the ¡Alegría! challenge to design a unique destination fragrance that reflects the captivating essence of the people of Puerto Rico.

¡Alegría! is the story of the first fragrance of Puerto Rico, an enchanting dream of 20 years waiting to be revealed.