Alegria Fine Jewelry

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Enchanting Elegance

Combines Puerto Rico’s sumptuous flora and fauna with shapes and patterns that evoke the island’s timeless elegance and contrasting architecture.   Designed by Puerto Rican jewelry designer Paola Baella exclusively ¡Alegría! The Naturaleza collection is inspired by the namesake fragrance to project the rich culture and vibrant personality of the people of Puerto Rico. The collection includes the Yagrumo-leaf set of earrings and cuff that captures the elegant nature of the leaves of the Yagrumo tree, found throughout Central America and the Caribbean.  In Puerto Rico, Yagrumo trees are abundant and adorn the landscape with its two-tone brown and silver leaves.  The V pieces, cuff, and ring, resemble Alegria’s bottle ring, designed to commemorate San Juan’s 5th Centennial celebration.