¡Alegría! Caracolillo

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100% Caracolillo

Is 100% Arabica Puerto Rican coffee of the highest quality. Grown in a small plantation in the mountains of Puerto Rico since 1736, the caracolillo beans are a natural occurring mutation of the arabica variety whereby only one bean is produced by the coffee cherry. Caracolillo’s concentrated nature results in a brighter and flavorful experience that has been appreciated by European royalty, including the Pope in the late 1800s.  Its elegant finish evokes Puerto Rico’s signature coffee encounters among friends and family. Organoleptic characteristics: Smooth full-bodied roast with buttery chocolate hints; the Pea berry is the “Champagne” of Puerto Rican Coffee with a rich yet delicate taste.  With subtle acidity level, ¡Alegría!  Caracolillo offers an elegant finish with a persistent chocolate-and-bread after taste.  Produced in collaboration with Animanera Corp., a Puerto Rican coffee company.