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Passion for Life. Designed by renowned perfumer Daniel Josier, ¡Alegría! is illuminated by lively notes of citrus fruits, cardamon, rose and gardenia, and the sensual whisper of sandalwood, musk, cocoa, and vanilla that evokes life in the Caribbean. It’s elongated bottle, inspired by the timeless elegance of La Fortaleza, the island Governor’s mansion, is a symbol of the resilient spirit of its people.

About ¡Alegría!

¡Alegría! is the story of the first fragrance of Puerto Rico, an enchanting dream of 20 years waiting to be revealed.

Created by multi-faceted journalist, producer, and traveler, Frances Ryan, whose passion for fragrances always evoked lovely memories of her native land as she traveled the world over. With every destination, her passport became more colorful, stacked with visa stamps and unexpected trails of discovery.  Every place, every moment had a fragrance hue that reminded her of the rich culture and vivacious nature of the people from the Island of Enchantment where she grew up. From rainforest waterfalls, potpourri of wild roses, elegant gardenia bouquets to crisp citrus scents and the sensual ocean breeze during night walks along the shore. With every homecoming her heartbeat hastened with anticipation, looking down the window to identify familiar neighborhoods, joining in on the spontaneous clap as the aircraft landed, to simple moments among friends and family surrounded by the timeless laughter that feels the air from coast to the countryside —not to mention the longest holiday season in the world! 

Alegría Concert

Fundación Nacional para la Cultura Popular

Fortaleza #56 esquina Del Cristo San Juan, P.R. 00901

FS Perfumes

803 Av. Roberto Sánchez Vilella (Campo Rico) San Juan, P.R. 00924

JC Penney, Plaza Las Américas

Primer Nivel JC Penney Ave. Roosevelt  San Juan, P.R. 00918

Farmacia Puerto Rico Drug

San Francisco #157 San Juan, P.R. 00901

Perfumería Paris, Aguadilla Mall

Av. Los Corazones Aguadilla, P.R. 00603


Alegria Puerto Rico products are available for sale in the retail locations listed here or by visiting alegrí For additional information, please call (787) 919-7179.

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